There are two ways to become a member or renew your membership:

  1. Register to join us at our annual meeting. All annual meeting participants are automatically enrolled as members for the following twelve months.
  2. Tap the button above. This will take you to our journal site, which also serves as our membership portal. All memberships include a one year subscription to our journal Witness. If you are new to the journal, please register. After you have registered, please log in and tap on the “Home” button in the upper left. Then, tap on “My Subscriptions” on the right of the screen. Scroll down and follow the prompts to purchase an AETE Membership under “Individual Subscription.” You can purchase it with a credit card or PayPal.

We welcome everyone who is actively engaged in the scholarship and/or practice of evangelism to participate in AETE.

Our current membership is global in scope and encompasses a wide range of people who work in evangelism, from church planters and general evangelists to seminary professors and denominational or parachurch employees. We recognize that for those who are committed to evangelism, there is no real difference between the practice and study of evangelism, so we welcome everyone who is dedicated to the work of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are especially pleased to welcome current students who are interested in making evangelism their primary academic field of study.