As you know, the disrupting effect of the pandemic has caused plans for this
summer’s meeting of the AETE and ASM to be postponed. In turn, we have now also decided to postpone the publishing date for the next volume of the
Witness Journal, moving from July 2020 and now aiming for a release in
September, 2020. 

I am reaching out to share this information in hope that the extension of
our publishing date will allow you to consider moving forward on making
revisions to existing pieces or developing new submissions for review and
possible inclusion in the 2020 Journal. We are open to submissions on any
topic related to evangelism, but would be especially interested in early
studies related to evangelistic work happening related to the new ministry
situation caused by the pandemic.

Submissions can be considered for the 2020 Journal if they are received
on/before June 15, 2020. Please submit using the link below.

Witness: The Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education is the peer-reviewed journal of the Academy. Witness provides a forum to exchange ideas, sharpen or challenge perspectives, and test pedagogies. Although all of the articles that appear in Witness have been carefully reviewed, they do not necessarily reflect the views of AETE.

Witness is published online annually in the summer. It is accessible at the Witness website. A subscription is required to access the current year’s journal. All previous journals are available without subscription in our pdf archive.

Witness welcomes original articles or book reviews of high academic standards that deal with the theology, practice, and teaching of evangelism. To submit an article or book review, first consult our information for authors. You will need to register with the journal and then will be able to submit through the journal’s five-step process.

Becoming a member of AETE includes an annual subscription to the journal. Tap on the “subscribe” button. If you are already a member, please log into the journal site. If you are new to the journal, please register. After you have registered on the journal website, please log in and tap on the “Home” button in the upper left. Then, tap on “My Subscriptions” on the right of the screen. Scroll down and follow the prompts to purchase an AETE Membership under “Individual Subscription.” You can purchase it with a credit card or PayPal.