The Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education (AETE)…

was founded in 1973 to resource, encourage, and support professors who teach evangelism in seminaries, theological schools, and universities. Today, it has a four-part mission:

1. To provide a place for the scholarly study of evangelism. Unlike most academic subjects, evangelism is not a discrete field of study unto itself. It borrows from several other fields of study to explore how God and humans interact around the process of salvation. AETE offers a place where scholars of all stripes, historians, theologians, anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, and others, can gather and learn from each other in their common desire to better understand and explain evangelism.

In doing this, AETE hopes to be a light to the broader academy of theological education, demonstrating that the study of evangelism is not only a serious academic enterprise, but should help shape the curriculum offered in schools of theological education.

AETE does this in two primary ways: a) through Witness: The Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education, which offers scholars publishing on issues related to evangelism a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal for their articles and book reviews, and b) through annual conferences. These annual conferences are held in conjunction with the American Society for Missiology, and offer scholars opportunities to present their research and receive feedback on it.

2. To offer a place for young scholars of evangelism to be mentored in their work. Graduate studies are never easy, but they can be far more rewarding when students can walk alongside senior scholars with a common research interest. Our journal and call for papers provide young scholars an excellent opportunity to share their work and to connect with some of the luminaries in evangelism studies.

3. To break the divide between scholars and practitioners. In AETE we believe that we cannot study evangelism well if we do not also practice it. Moreover, our studies are not meant to make evangelism more complex, but to make it a more accessible practice for all Christians. We welcome both full-time scholars and those who study it as part of their regular practice of it.

4. To break down tribal divisions within the church, whether those are national, racial, theological, denominational, or anything else. We welcome the insights of our sisters and brothers from around the world and from across the theological spectrum. If you believe God has acted decisively to bring salvation through Jesus Christ and want to share that good news with others, AETE is ready to have you be part of our conversations.

The practice of evangelism is straightforward and belongs to all Christians. Anyone can share the good that they have experienced by accepting the salvation that comes through Jesus Christ. Studying evangelism is a more complex process, but is still meant to serve God by strengthening Christians to share their faith. AETE is excited to serve God and their sisters and brothers in the faith this way. If you have a similar heart, we invite you to join us.