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AETE members are active scholars and/or practitioners of evangelism who are deeply concerned with the faithful proclamation of the gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Over the years, they also have produced material that have laid the groundwork for how evangelism is understood today. Many of them are also available to discuss their work.

Below is a list of current members, a brief description of texts they have authored, and links to other resources (such as blogs or podcasts) and their social media when available.

Mark R. Teasdale, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Text TitleAcademic
Intended Audience
Methodist Evangelism, American Salvation: The Home Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1860-1920

Concludes that the evangelistic work of the Methodist Episcopal Church sought to save people both by bringing them to Jesus and by training them to follow the values and patterns of life set down by White, Middle-Class, Native Born Americans.
History of MissionStudents, Scholars
Evangelism for Non-Evangelists: Sharing the Gospel Authentically

Introduces Teasdale’s “Evangelism Equation” and uses it to help Christians practice evangelism in a way that is authentic to their experience with God, faithful to the apostolic witness, meaningful to those they evangelize, and creative.
EvangelismIndividual Christians, Church leaders,
Entire congregation study,
GO! How to Become a Great Commission Congregation

Drawing from multiple passages in the Bible where God tells people to go as messengers, this book follows the steps of a fictitious-but-based-on-real-life small town congregation as it seeks to become more missional. It includes “how-to” steps at the end of each chapter.
Church LeadershipChurch leaders, Local pastors,
Entire congregation study,
Small-town congregations
Website:; Twitter: @drteasdale

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